Turnkey, industrial extraction in one simple container.

Ready to go when you are.

Spektrum Cannabis Technologies delivers premium, high-volume extraction to everyone with a crop and a dream.

Our fully automated, turnkey modules are the comprehensive processing solution for large scale hemp and cannabis producers.

Who We Are

The cannabis industry has endless potential. And we believe people all over the world should have the opportunity to be a part of it. That’s why we’ve engineered a more accessible way to process and produce cannabis products.

At Spektrum, we’ve created solutions that are sophisticated in design, yet simple to operate. Our turnkey modules make it easier than ever to create the kinds of products that can change the lives of those who use them, and those who produce them.

FSO Extraction Module

Up to 50 kg/hour Cold Ethanol Extraction

>95% solvent recovery

Process up to 820,000 lbs/yr (110 lbs/hr)

Clean-in-place (CIP) operation

Housed in two 40' C1D1/2 rated containers

Designed, engineered & fabricated in the USA

Fully automated, closed loop system


Fully contained, turnkey system ready to go when you are.

  • Integrated and fully automated process for optimal performance
  • Modular design allows for accelerated delivery, install & ramp up to production
  • C1D1/D2 rated containers – no need for expensive permits or retrofits
  • Small footprint – minimum of 16’x46’ clearance
  • Ergonomic and easy-to-access extractor
  • Built-in security system meets regulatory standards
  • Tablet-based operator interface provides remote visibility & control
  • Minimum of two techs required for 24/7 operations
  • Easy to scale up and/or relocate
  • Optional cGMP compliance
  • Designed, engineered & fabricated in the USA




  • 400 kw gas/700 kw electric
  • 25 SCFM nitrogen
  • 300 SCFM compressed air
  • 1 GPM makeup cooling tower water (3.78 LPM)
  • 1,000,000 BTU/hr required for natural gas



Full suite of service and support solutions to help optimize your business.

We’re not dropping off equipment and leaving. We’re your partner, and we’re here to ensure you are equipped as your production needs and business grow.

  • Full project management toolbox
  • Standardized parts to minimize maintenance costs
  • Site install and integration available
  • Training on equipment use and operation best practices
  • Specialized maintenance & service packages available

For more information on service & support, contact us at service@spektrum.net.

Expansion Modules

Utilities Module

Specifically designed by our expert engineers to accurately and efficiently operate the FSO Extraction Module

  • Cooling tower to reduce energy costs
  • Hot and cold heat transfer systems
  • Available in both gas and electric
  • – 30F chiller drives cold ethanol extraction & winterization
  • Condenses ethanol vapor during recovery to increase savings
  • Custom sized to power your system

Isolate Module

Converts up to 120 kg of distillate into 99%+ CBD isolate per day

  • Large volume crystallization reactor (150 L)
  • Automated, enclosed systems in C1D1 rated environment
  • Vacuum ovens and solvent recovery system included in module
  • Lab space complete with bench-top workspace and storage


Distillate Module

Processes up to 15 kg/hr of FSO to produce clear, concentrated distillate

  • 2-stage short path thin film distillation with automatic feed
  • Desired terpenes separated in first stage of the system
  • Utility units including chillers and circulators included in module
  • Lab space complete with bench-top workspace and storage



Looking for a specific piece of equipment? Spektrum offers a variety of skid systems and standalone equipment that can be easily integrated into any processing system.


Want to learn more? Let’s talk.