Processing + Formulation

by Evolution Built

Cutting Edge Processing

Our process train design and optimization for cannabinoid extraction combined with our extensive knowledge of operational and building processes delivers exceptional processing centers that prepare our clients for production. Set yourself up for the future, full GMP design is always an option with Evolution Built.

By choosing Evolution Built, our clients have access to our team of industry leaders in extraction building concepts including our Ph.D. Processing team. As a result, you can get expert feedback and design on the theory, methodology, optimization, and implementation of the following processes:

  • Extraction type: ethanol, supercritical CO2 (SFE), and hydrocarbon (butane)
  • Winterization, filtration, and color-correction
  • All forms of distillation for terpene collection, cannabinoid concentration, solvent removal, and THC remediation
  • Decarboxylation and solvent recovery
  • Crystallization and the formation of various isolates
  • Purification of individual cannabinoids and THC or pesticide remediation utilizing large scale chromatography, including supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)

Formulation & Product Development

Cannabis Product Formulation

Not only can our team help you reach your processing goals to make safe, high-quality oil and purified cannabinoids, we can also aid in the formulation of specific end-products varying from tinctures to gummies to topicals.

The crucial part of formulation chemistry is assuring the active ingredients are never altered in their delivery and efficacy when mixed, embedded, or combined with other end-product ingredients. Most importantly, all end-product manufacturing that utilizes cannabis ingredients will be designed in a clean, consistent GMP or EU-GMP environment.

Concerns about Certification & Compliance? Evolution Built has you covered there too. Visit their site to learn more.

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