Distillate Module

Processes up to 15 kg/hr of FSO to produce clear, concentrated distillate

Container Facts
  • Modular enclosure allows placement of equipment in outdoor settings while still protecting equipment from the elements/weather
  • Small footprint (need to get dimensions)
  • All utility units including chillers and circulators are integral to the skid
  • Ample lab space including storage and bench-top workspace
  • Proper ventilation and two door access for safe operation
  • Built-in security system meets regulatory standards
  • Dimensions: 8′ W X 19′-10″ L X 9′-7″ H
Distillation Process
  • 2-stage short path thin film distillation system
  • Easy to scale up: one module can process output of 2 FSO Modules
  • 2-stage process allows a single pass through the system saving time
  • Full stainless-steel unit, no expensive glassware to break and replace
  • Fully jacketed, 8-gallon feed container maintains temperature
  • Automatic feed with precision flow control, 15 kg/hr
  • Desired terpenes separated in first stage of the system

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