Isolate Module

Converts up to 120 kg of distillate into 99%+ CBD isolate per day

Container Facts
  • Modular enclosure allows placement of equipment in outdoor settings while still protecting equipment from the elements/weather
  • Small footprint (need to get dimensions)
  • All utility units including chillers and circulators are integral to the skid
  • Ample lab space includes storage, fume hood, and sink with eye wash
  • Proper ventilation and two door access for safe operation
  • Built-in security system meets regulatory standards
  • Separate C1D1 room for CBD crystallization tanks
  • Dimensions: 8′-0″W X 40′-0″L X 8′-6″H
Processing Stats
  • Each isolate reactor has an input feed of up to 60 kg distillate per day, or a total of 120 kg distillate per day for the entire Module
  • 10–12 hour batches
  • A minimum of 70% CBD distillate oil is required for effective crystallization

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